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Medicaid Care Coordination


For those who are eligible, our Medicaid Health Home Care Coordinators promote obtaining and maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle within the community.  Our care coordinators develop an individualized plan looking at the person’s specific needs for overall wellness.  This holistic approach to care works at meeting the individual’s needs as well obtaining sufficient healthcare. 

Care Coordinators may help schedule doctors’ appointment, make calls for specialty care, and help determine when to come into the office.  They coordinate efforts between other human service organizations to help individuals get to appointments and obtain the things necessary to stay healthy and out of the hospital.  This free service is provided through the UHS Medicaid Health Home program.   



Services available at no cost include:

  • Medical coordination
  • Collaboration with providers
  • Support
  • Advocacy
  • Referrals
  • Phone calls
  • Face to face visits

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